Support for refugees from Ukraine and the rebuilding of the country.

We transport humanitarian aid as well as medical, infrastructural, and industrial equipment to Ukraine.
We evacuate refugees and bring them together with private accommodation offers in Germany.

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Humanitarian Aid

We organize and provide humanitarian aid throughout Ukraine by transporting it there and distributing it within the country.

Refugee Transfers

We have conducted 28 bus transfers and private transfers, totaling approximately 1,500 refugees, and arranged a private host for them upon arrival.

Refugee Accommodation

We support the private refugee accommodation of the non-profit "Ternopil Foundation" financially and with regular deliveries of food, medicine, etc.

What we do

Humanitarian Aid

LiftUKRAINE transports donated and donation-funded goods, such as sleeping bags, field beds, small electronics, medications, hygiene items, and food, to our warehouse in Ukraine. From there, the relief goods are distributed to those in need throughout Ukraine, especially in the south and east, within our network.

LiftUKRAINE also supports families through our partners whose providers are missing, fallen, or in captivity, as well as elderly individuals who choose not to be evacuated.

Photo credits: © Sven XXX, 2022.

Photo credits: © Sven XXX, 2022.

Medical Support

LiftUKRAINE provides assistance with medical consumables, medical equipment, and medications.

We support various hospitals and departments, primarily the ENT department of the Regional Hospital in Ternopil, which is one of only three clinics treating blast injuries to the eardrum. Recipients also include the maternity clinic in Zhytomyr, the clinic in Kharkiv, or a mobile dental clinic.


Humanitarian Front Support

LiftUKRAINE and the team led by Lea and Lars ( in Eastern Ukraine have been partners for over a year. Needy people in the frontline villages are provided with donated food (food bags) and medication. LiftUKRAINE gladly assists when needed, primarily supporting with vehicle procurement and maintenance, as well as tires. Additionally, we cover the fuel costs for the missions and the monthly accommodation expenses for the regularly rotating international volunteers.

Photo credits: © Sven XXX, 2022.


Who we are

"Lift Ukraine e.V." is an association of people who don't just stand by but actively help. It all started in February 2022 with an idea that was recommended to friends and acquaintances, inspiring them to join in. Since then, volunteer teams have formed from Hamburg to Konstanz. These teams include colleagues, friends, medical practices, associations, and entire organizations and companies.
Different backgrounds unite with a common goal:
We want to change the lives of refugees and the situation on the ground for the better.

Our Partners

Get involved


As a non-profit organization, we rely on donations. For amounts over 50€, we issue donation receipts according to §10b EStG.



Lift Ukraine e.V.
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If you have time and motivation to dedicate a few hours or a few days of your personal time to help in the transportation, logistics or matching process - please contact us. Volunteering options:


Support in the logistical structure in Germany


Support the transports to Ukraine


Become active in the direct front support

In-kind Donations

We procure, transport, and distribute humanitarian aid to and within Ukraine.


Medical supplies

Food items

Hygiene items